City Heights Business Association

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide programs and services that contribute to a clean, safe and prosperous commercial environment within the City Heights Maintenance Assessment District.

CHBA Board Meeting Nov 2019
Action shot of CBHA board meeting

About the Association

The City Heights Business Association (CHBA) was formed in July 2003 as a 501(c)6 nonprofit mutual benefit corporation to enhance the growth and improvement of City Heights as an international marketplace, to create partnerships between business and property owners that promote economic revitalization and combat deterioration in the community, and to administer the City Heights Business Improvement District and City Heights Maintenance Assessment District under contract with the City of San Diego.

CHBA represents over 750 businesses and property owners along University Avenue that serve the residents of City Heights and the thousands of customers that come from other parts of San Diego to shop, dine, visit, and do business.  

CHBA is governed by a board of directors composed of business and property owners whose businesses and/or properties are located within the City Heights Maintenance Assessment District.

As of July 2023 CHBA no longer oversees the City Heights Business Improvement District contract and is focused primarily on the City Heights Maintenance Assessment District. If you have questions regarding the City Heights Business Improvement District, please contact the City Heights Community Development Corporation, who now oversees this contract.

Pie chart of CHBA 2022 income

2022 fiscal year total income: $541,731

Maintenance Assessment District


Business Improvement District


Small Business Enhancement Program


Grants & Other Income


Pie chart of CHBA 2022 expenses

2022 fiscal year expenses: $533,321






Total: $110,168

  • Insurance: $38,266
  • Marketing: $15,579
  • Rent: $17,395
  • Accounting: $13,419
  • Communications: $9,676
  • Audit: $5,000
  • Meetings/Training: $5,854
  • Supplies: $3,007
  • Other: $1,972

Board of Directors

Profile Photo

Adriana Enloe

Self-Help Federal Credit Union

Au-Co, Board President

Au-Co Mai

Crummy Bunny Inc.

I am a mother, tennis player, gardener, and in a rock band with four other moms. My favorite meal is Pho, a Vietnamese Noodle soup. You can often find me in City Heights eating Pho with my mom. I moved my business to City Heights in 2013 and desire to see it flourish.

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Marsha Reuther

Standard Plumbing & Industry Supply Co.

Profile Photo

Julian Villegas

Copley-Price YMCA

Maxine Zepeda

Maxine Zepeda

Ryan Bros. Coffee

Tom Vu La Maestra Community Health Centers

Tom Vu

La Maestra Community Health Center

Tom Vu serves as Executive Director for La Maestra Community Health Centers. In this role, he oversees the organization’s operations including risk management, compliance, safety management, medical records – and partners with leadership to foster innovation, support growth and drive excellence.


Enrique Gandarilla - Executive Director of City Heights Business Association

Enrique Gandarilla

Enrique Gandarilla was appointed the first Executive Director of the City Heights Business Association in 2004.  He has over 30 years experience working in the field of nonprofit and government management with such organizations as the United Way of San Diego County, Neighborhood Healthcare, United Way of Massachusetts Bay, and the City of Boston. He has a Masters in Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

Jose Cervantes - CHBA Safe & Clean Ambassador

Jose Cervantes

Since 2012 Jose Cervantes has served as the Clean & Safe Ambassador. He has been a City Heights resident for many years and has worked at different organizations serving the community. He holds a J.D. in Law from the University of Guadalajara in Mexico.

Andres Madrigal

Andres Madrigal

Andres is a resident of City Heights and was hired as a full-time maintenance worker for our Clean & Safe Program in 2019.

Gaspar Dominguez

Gaspar Dominguez

Gaspar is a resident of City Heights and was hired as a full-time maintenance worker for our Clean & Safe Program in 2019.

Manuel Sanchez

Manuel Sanchez

Johnathan Vital

Johnathan Vital

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