Maintenance Assessment District

What is a Maintenance Assessment District?

A maintenance assessment district (MAD for short) is a defined geographical area where property owners vote to assess themselves an additional tax/assessment in order to fund enhanced services or projects within the district's boundaries.  In 2004, property owners voted to create the City Heights MAD along portions of University Avenue, 37th Street, Central Avenue, 43rd Street and Fairmount Avenue. Some of the enhanced maintenance services provided include landscaping, sidewalk and gutter sweeping, lighting, sidewalk power washing, trash removal and graffiti abatement.

Since 2005, The City Heights Business Association has managed the City Heights MAD under contract with the City of San Diego. Daily maintenance within the district is performed by the staff of the CHBA Clean & Safe Program.

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CHBA no longer manages the City Heights Business Improvement District (BID). If you have questions regarding the BID, please contact the City Heights Community Development Corporation, who now oversees this contract.

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