Updated June 15, 2020

During the last two weeks, the City Heights Business Association (CHBA) has partnered with local restaurant Super Cocina to coordinate two meal distribution events, which resulted in over 200 meals being donated to City Heights families negatively impacted by Covid-19. These events were part of our efforts to support member businesses while also helping local residents. The families that participated were all identified by Rosa Parks Elementary in collaboration with Price Charities.

Meal distribution events were held on May 28th and June 11th. Participating families were able to choose from a variety of free meal options. Families were excited about the number of choices Super Cocina provided, and one mom shared that when she arrived home with the food her children were so excited to be eating “take out” and asked what was the special occasion. Participants expressed their gratitude for the extra support, and some even opened up to restaurant staff about their current struggles and how these meals made a difference during this difficult time.

In addition to supporting local families, these events helped host restaurant, Super Cocina, publicize their business and potentially share their food with new customers in the community. They also enabled Super Cocina to provide several extra hours of work to restaurant staff, which was very helpful as working hours have been limited during the pandemic. 

The CHBA and Super Cocina meal distribution events were covered in a recent Union-Tribune articleWe are excited by the success of these events, and hope to expand this model to include more local City Heights restaurants in the near future.