Edgar has been a member of the CHBA Board of Directors since 2006, and an active member of the City Heights community for over 30 years. He works as the purchasing director of La Maestra Community Health Centers, a nonprofit medical and dental clinic that is a cornerstone of the City Heights community. Born and raised in Mexico City, Edgar has called San Diego home for 35 years. 

Edgar Quiroz at work at La MaestraFrom community member to City Heights leader

Edgar began his journey with CHBA as a Board Officer, and has since taken on the roles of Treasurer, President, and now Vice President. Edgar’s early involvement with the board evolved out of his desire to make City Heights a safer community for residents and visitors alike.

As the Safety Coordinator for La Maestra medical facilities from 1994-2010, he was keenly aware of the safety concerns facing the community. Edgar sought out ways to become more involved with the neighborhood so that he could advocate for things like better lighting for streets and alleys, pedestrian crosswalks, and cleaner sidewalks. He knew that these improvements would make a huge difference in how residents, visitors, and business owners experienced the community. 

Preparing City Heights for a new chapter

Edgar is proud of the changes the CHBA has helped to bring about in City Heights, and excited for what the future holds. While much of his work with the CHBA has been focused on making the streets clean and safe for visitors, he sees the organization gearing up for a new chapter.

With strong systems in place to maintain the quality of the neighborhood, Edgar is excited for the CHBA to play a larger role in promoting City Heights businesses to the greater San Diego community. He envisions a City Heights where visitors, shoppers, and foodies from across San Diego come together to explore and celebrate the city’s most multicultural neighborhood.