The City Heights Business Association is a partner organization in the Mid-City Homeless Coalition. The coalition’s mission is to reduce the negative impacts of homelessness on our community through a neighborhood-based outreach program that connects homeless persons to housing, services, and other supports. The coalition has contracted with PATH, a California organization dedicated to ending homelessness, to provide outreach and needed services to our homeless residents since 2018.

A recent report from the Mid-City Homeless Coalition highlighted two success stories that demonstrate the impact our work is having in the community:

Success Story #1

Story provided by PATH Outreach Specialist Pete Haggard

I met P in the parking lot of El Super in October of 2021 along with her dog Reba. She quickly became one of my favorite clients and I helped her get her social security card, an emotional support certificate for Reba, a VISPDAT housing assessment. Her life story could be a New York Time’s Best Seller! She has overcome so much in life. She eventually received a match to the Saint Teresa of Calcutta permanent supportive housing property. Together we filled out all the required paperwork and documentation, and then we waited with fingers crossed for the background check to come through until, ultimately, she was approved. P is someone that would talk to me on the phone sometimes for over an hour to help with her emotional stability and to calm down her anxiety, etc. and so when she officially moved in on 2/15/22 we were ecstatic! P and Reba officially made it home, and better yet into a brand-new apartment. She now has on going case management and is doing amazing!

Success Story #2

Story provided by PATH Outreach Specialist Pete Haggard

N, along with her dog, Baby, is one of the first people I met when starting my work in the neighborhood and, hopefully, a testament to persistent, person-centered outreach services. N was very hesitant at first to speak with me and we spent months getting to know each other. She also struggled to accept housing services when those finally became available. She was matched to two previous PSH opportunities but in both instances backed out before getting her keys, each time saying, “please don’t give up on me Pete! I promise the next time I get matched I will go through with it.” The third time she was matched she made good on that promise. This time she was matched to Saint Teresa of Calcutta, at the same time as one of her best friends from the neighborhood, and I made a point of bringing both of them to the building together for appointments with the property manager. After securing her state ID, social security card, and an emotional support certificate for Baby she signed her lease and moved into her new home.