Written by Dan Tomsky, City Heights volunteer / “Unity” mural team

Portion of Teralta Park Unity in Community Mural featuring images of people from the City Heights community; paint supplies sit in front of the muralThe “Unity in the Community” mural emerging in Teralta Neighborhood Park is expected to be completed this summer. This multi-year project with its artistic images and vivid colors is already uplifting City Heights residents and visitors alike as they walk by what is becoming a “world class” 270 ft. wide mural spanning the entire south sound wall over SR 15 freeway.

Christopher Kinney’s (Sake) masterful rendering reflects the extensive community mural input and vetting processes that were part of an earlier neighborhood safety/quality of life initiative focused on the park and its adjacent neighborhoods.  Residents and over a dozen local groups/organizations clearly desired a mural reflecting City Heights diversity, culture, harmony, aspirations, and healthy living. Indeed this mural is proving to be just that, as it provides Teralta Park with long awaited art that celebrates its community.

Portion of Teralta Park Unity in Community Mural featuring images of people from the City Heights communityThe core mural team acknowledges and greatly appreciates the financial support the City Heights Business Association has granted in support of the mural. CHBA’s early funding allocation supported the initial community input process and eventual mural rendering. CHBA’s second sizable grant co-enabled preparation of the mural sound wall and early 2021 first phase painting.

As Covid-related impacts, supply chain challenges and cost overruns have extended the mural’s installation by Sake, the community’s patience and understanding have been great. With the “finish line” now in sight and further needed fundraising underway, a multi-cultural celebration and thank you to supporters is being planned.

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