In 2018, the City Heights Business Association, City Heights CDC, San Diego City Council Districts 3 & 9, North Park Main Street, and Price Philanthropies (“the Committee”) came together to form a collaborative partnership to address homelessness in City Heights and North Park.  Both communities lacked a targeted and ongoing approach to engaging and connecting unsheltered residents to services.

Shortly thereafter, the Committee established the Mid-City Homeless Outreach Program, a neighborhood-based, targeted approach to engaging and connecting unsheltered residents to housing, services, and other supports. The Committee collectively raised funds to support a grant contract with People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) to provide a full-time Outreach Specialist dedicated to North Park and City Heights. Lucky Duck Foundation joined the Committee in 2019, and a second outreach worker was added to the team in the spring of 2020.

The Mid-City Homeless Outreach Program is a collaborative, proactive initiative that eliminates barriers to services by supporting unsheltered individuals where they live.  This approach not only benefits the people who reside, work, and/or shop in these neighborhoods, but also unsheltered residents who receive consistent and trustworthy engagement from a dedicated neighborhood outreach specialist. Outcomes from the past 3 program years have exceeded expectations and the City and County of San Diego have now replicated and expanded the program model in other communities.

Unique Clients Served 219 181 154
Clients Housed – Temp and Permanent 59 105 51

We are aware of the recent increase in homelessness in our community and have created a page of resources to help community members address issues and concerns that may arise. Please visit the Homelessness in our Community page for more information about the City of San Diego’s homeless outreach and response efforts.